Saturday, February 2, 2013

Amazing what $50 will get you!

I got to go to the thrift store yesterday (can you hear me squealing in glee?) - and even better? I got to go without my husband (which is fantastic because he HATES shopping). I rarely get to go on big shopping spree (and trust me, even though I only spent $50, for me that's a huge spree. Enormous!)

A badly needed sewing basket with metal and wooden handle.
A small board with seven pegs (to be used for dishcloths in the kitchen).
A larger board with two pegs (to be used for aprons, which I plan to sew up soon).
An old-fashioned oil lamp with metal base (needs polishing).
A shallow wooden crate (to be hung in kitchen on wall, used as shelving).
A new small purse (my leather purse is showing damage from the winter cold).
A wicker and wire egg basket (not sure if I'll actually use it for eggs though...).
A hanging stoneware pot (thinking I'll hang it by the crate in the kitchen to store garlic bulbs).
A cute stoneware creamer with spout, plan on using as a flowerpot for wildflowers.
A set of three wire strainers (badly needed as I tend to make stock a lot).
A stoneware bowl, blue (not sure what I'll use that for yet).
Another wire basket with a glass inside for small candles.
(not shown) two matching blue stoneware bowls which are the new cat dishes.

Almost everything I got was a need rather than a want. For example, the two matching stoneware bowls weren't shown because they are already being used for my cats. Poor kitties, their previous dishes were old and chipped, and Ayla actually cut her lip against one of the chipped edges last week. Clearly the cats needed new dishes.

Sometimes, though, a girl just needs to buy something beautiful for herself - something not needed. A want. For me, my want was the little blue stoneware creamer. I love to have flowers on the table and I don't really have any kind of vase. And I hate traditional vases. That pretty little blue creamer is just perfect, and I can't wait to fill it with some bright daisies or yellow tulips.