Friday, January 10, 2014

It's just a little bit overwhelming....

 I have a lot of projects to get done. Some were supposed to be done before Christmas, but a combination of time constraints, finances, illness, and broken sewing machine needles all conspired to make things very late. Not to mention the cold snaps that came in that made me have to stop my other projects and work on the quilted window panels to seal out the cold!

It's easy to forget what projects I am working on. Right now I am going to outline the sewing projects in this blog post, more as a list for myself so I don't loose track of my projects than anything else.

First major project is the stuffed alphabet that I am making for my niece and nephew. I just picked up some new fabric today for this project - I'm very behind on it and I'm glad to get more fun fabrics for those kiddos. These fabrics are more feminine, since I already have plenty of male patterned fabrics in this household.

The next project is a kindle cover for my mother-in-law. She came and visited last month and I showed her what fabric I have on hand, and she chose the pattern in the picture. I plan on pairing it with the light blue for the inner part of the cover, and the floral pattern for the outer shell. The scraps left over from this project will go in the basket of scraps being used for the alphabet project.

The next project is another quilted window covering - of sorts. The thrift store we went to didn't have any quilts in patterns I felt I could work with, so I grabbed a cheap comforter that I thought would work. It's a soft cream background, slightly marbled, with squares of blue and blue-gray, with pale gold patterns and outlines. It's pretty, in a mild, non-offensive way, and since my husband likes blue and gray, I figured he wouldn't complain about it much at all.

Other sewing projects I have to get done mainly consist of mending - lots and lots of mending. My boys seem to consider it their holy purpose in life to make mending jobs for me. The sheer number of holes in the knees of jeans is enough to make a woman drop to her knees. Add in my husband's inability to put on a belt without ripping the belt loops off his jeans, and my mending pile is nearly up to my waist.

I also have a large collection of old ratty towels that need to be hemmed in some fashion to make rags. I have no idea yet how to do this.

I need to eventually make a kindle cover for my own self.

The dog needs a coat to wear on those bitter cold days. I have a coat that was gifted to me that is far too small, and it's black, so I need to modify it for the dog's frame. He has practically no fur on his underside, and has been known to tremble with the cold after more than a minute. I'm not going to buy a coat for the dog when I can make one with what I have on hand.

I also want to figure out how to make collars for the cats out of leftover fabric.

Lots to do. I think I need to log off the computer and get started!

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