Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gratitude Day #3

 Today I am grateful for technology.

There are some things I like more than others. For example, I LOVE my washing machine. Utterly love it. I've been in positions before where I've had to wash clothing by hand...and washing the clothing for three children plus yourself in the bathtub every night, wringing them out by hand, and then hoping against hope they will be dry come morning? Yeah, don't miss that at all. Now I can just toss the clothes in the washer, add some soap, and push a button. That's it.

Another thing I'm grateful for is my computer. Being able to access the internet is such a blessing. I can stay in touch with family and friends, look up answers to my questions, share cute/funny/important life lesson links with my children, and even blog.

One of the new ways the internet has come to impact my life is the way my husband has started using it to stay in touch while he is at work. He sends a series of emails the night before his shift, and they are numbered. In the morning, I open email #1 to find a set of instructions plus links to things that are designed to make me laugh, or cry, or think. Also in each email is a time to open the next one on the list.

And the emails aren't all just chores, either. Sure, some of them will say things like "Don't forget to start the roast in the crock pot" or "please organize the desk; it's getting a bit cluttered". But others will say "If the kids have been behaving, sit down and watch an episode of Star Trek with them" or "after the kids go to bed, run a hot bath and add the bath powder I bought you, and take a nice long soak". And oftentimes the links he sends during the day are funny enough to share with the children, and he will occasionally leave a message for them, too - so even they get to enjoy the emails.

This enables us to feel close to him even when he is working his long shifts (his normal shifts are 24 hours long). And knowing he took the time to create these the night before makes me feel loved. I'll post some of the images he's linked to that the kids enjoyed.

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